As a citizen of the US of A and author of books I’d like readers around the world to enjoy, I try to be aware of holidays in places other than my own backyard. I only recently became aware of a Canadian civic holiday that is in effect today!

What, you might ask, is a civic holiday? Well, I had to ask, anyway.

According to Wikipedia (a source a thousand times much more reliable than Facebook), a civic holiday is “the most widely used name for a public holiday celebrated in most of Canada on the first Monday in August, though it is only officially known by that term by the governments of Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, and Prince Edward Island. The Civic holiday is recognized as a statutory holiday in those three provinces and territories.” It goes on from there, etc., etc. 🙂

Anyway, happy holidays to my good friends north of my particular border! *waving*

And since Kobo is a Canadian company and the e-reader of preference in Canada (as far as I know—not that I’ve done a study or anything), I’m offering my latest release Least Wanted for 99 cents on Kobo for a while! The price has gone up elsewhere, including Amazon! However, I’ve reset the Amazon Canada price to $2.99, because that’s as low as they would let me set it. At any rate, you can buy it on Kobo for 99 cents this week. Yup! 🙂

PS: I’ve been doing some research on purchasing guns in the 1960s for a screenplay I’m writing involving time travel. I figured gun control hadn’t yet become the huge issue it is today. Let me show you some of the advertising I found!

Makes you proud to be an Americsn, eh? 🙂

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