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I Recommend You Read These Good Books

So many good books and so little time! But, as a writer, I’m a big advocate of reading a wide variety of books. Here are two that are currently and patiently waiting to be read on my GoodReads list. The Rise and Fall of a ‘Casino’ Mobster. Crime... read more

Return to ‘Twin Peaks’

Before I started writing fiction, I’ll admit to being captivated by the show Twin Peaks. This show was my introduction to the amazing work of David Lynch. After that, it was only a matter of time before I started watching his movies, including Blue Velvet,... read more

Friday’s Featured Thriller Reading

My Friday featured thriller reading for the day is The Messiah Matrix. Here’s a description: To what lengths would the Vatican go to suppress the secret origins of its power? A renowned priest is killed in Rome. A Roman coin is recovered from a wreck off the... read more

I Didn’t Start with Nancy Drew

My interest in writing crime fiction didn’t start with Nancy Drew. It really started with Honey West. I grew up watching the amazing Anne Francis do private eye stuff when no other woman did that on TV. I was thrilled and amazed by her prowess as an investigator... read more

My Review of ‘Black Mask’: Collected Stories

Review transcription: Hi! 🙂 Debbi Mack here, and I don’t have the lighting quite right. My face is half in shadow, which seems appropriate given the fact that I’m going to talk about this book for a little bit. Black Mask. It’s a collection of Black Mask... read more

The Crime Cafe Interview with Michael Parker

Hello all! This week’s Crime Cafe podcast is the final one for Season Two! The new season will start in early July, so stay tuned for that. This week, I have the pleasure of interviewing thriller author Michael Parker. So, without further delay, here’s the... read more

Do You Enjoy Journaling?

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy journaling. Keeping a journal is a great way to organize your thoughts, establish goals, and plan how to achieve them. Being able to put pen or pencil to paper is just a great way to keep track of anything, without the... read more

The Crime Cafe Interview with Peg Brantley

Good day to all and sundry! 🙂 I’m thrilled to have as my guest on the Crime Cafe the awesome suspense/thriller author (take your pick! 🙂 ), Peg Brantley! Peg lives in one of the most awesome states in the Union: Colorado! That puts me in the mood for a song. But... read more

Chapter Five of My YA Novel and a Giveaway

Happy Monday! Here’s another chapter reading of my YA novel, Invisible Me. Plus, I’m doing a giveaway, which you can read about below. If you enjoyed the reading, you might want to check out a sample of the story in writing! Just click here and fill out... read more

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