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This Weekend’s Thriller Ebook Deals

Hi! Just a quick post to let you know that my thriller novel The Planck Factor is available for a very reasonable 40% off as part of Kobo’s ebook deals this weekend. Here’s the link to access the buy page on Kobo! Now, even though I still see a $2.99 price... read more

Which Book Trailer Would You Use?

As you may know, I’m in the process of re-releasing my second book in the Sam McRae mystery series, Least Wanted. Now, it’s always nice to be able to trot out a decent book trailer to go with a (kind of) new book release. At least, a previously published... read more

Looking for a Good Thriller Novel?

In the event that the current political climate isn’t sufficiently absurd ghastly thrilling for you, my guest blogger today has written a thriller novel that may be just what you’re looking for! Author James R. Callan is my guest today, and here’s... read more

How to Establish My Identity as a Writer

The problem with starting my author career off with a series (soon to be back in print) of four mystery novels is that it creates the impression that I’m primarily a crime writer. However, I find myself questioning my own identity as a writer these days. I’d like to... read more

Scenes From a Previous Life

Most people don’t enjoy the idea of doing jury duty. In my case, it gives me a chance to revisit a previous life. I’ve actually served on a jury once before. It was a minor criminal matter, but even so, the tension between two people reached the point where you... read more

On Being an Indie Authorpreneur

These days, being an indie author can mean doing much more than writing books. The idea that one is confined to cranking out stories as fast as possible and hoping they’ll sell is nonsense. These are the days of the authorpreneur. As a result, along with republishing... read more

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