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The Crime Cafe with Crime Writer Dana King

I have the great pleasure of interviewing a wonderful crime writer on the podcast today. It’s Dana King, and you can watch our interview on this video, as is usual every other Wednesday here during any given podcast season. This one being Season Four! Alarming!... read more

Dana King’s Guest Post and Book Giveaway

It’s a pleasure to have Dana King as my next guest on the Crime Cafe podcast. He’s an author who gave an extremely funny reading during Noir at the Bar at the C3 conference ages and ages ago earlier this month. If you’d like to read his blog post... read more

Sam McRae Mystery Novel #3 is Coming Soon!

Seems like I’ve had to move heaven and earth to get to this point again, but the third Sam McRae mystery novel is coming back soon! I’m aiming to release the novel on Dec. 16, 2018. Just in time for Christmas Festivus the holidays! Some of you may recall... read more

Guess Who Attended the C3 Writers Conference

While I seem to have practically disappeared from the writers conference circuit lately (primarily due to travel and hotel costs), I’ve found a good one in Creatures, Crimes, and Creativity (otherwise known as C3). This annual conference has been one of my favorites... read more

The Crime Cafe with Crime Writer Gareth Spark

This episode of the Crime Cafe podcast features my interview with crime writer Gareth Spark. Now, while Gareth (sadly) doesn’t have a website (yet!), you can find him online on GoodReads, Amazon, Amazon UK, and this really interesting poetry site! 🙂 Don’t... read more

Book Review of ‘A Checkered Past’

This week I’ve written a book review of the novel A Checkered Past by Daniella Bernett. See below! 🙂 ***** In her latest Emmeline Kirby/Gregory Longdon mystery, Daniella Bernett brings a new twist to the relationship between the two principals. In the wake of a... read more

Guest Post and Free Story from Gareth Spark

It’s my pleasure to present this guest post and free story from my next author on the Crime Cafe podcast, Gareth Spark. Gareth writes in an awesome style that you can sample for free by clicking here to download his story “American Tan”, which to its... read more

Five (Potential) Health Benefits of Coffee

In honor of International Coffee Day, I want to share with you a few of the health benefits of coffee, according to Medical News Today. Especially since espresso is an important part of my daily diet. And my lawyer protagonist Sam McRae does love her coffee. Here are... read more

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