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Welcome to My Blog

My Appearance at Blair High School Book Fair

So last week, the most interesting thing happened. I made an appearance at my high school. I went there for the (Montgomery) Blair High School Book Fair, where I was one of the authors on the 11:35 a.m. panel. Ostensibly, I was there as author of my one young adult... read more

A Guest Post and Giveaway by D.P. Lyle

Ladies and gentlemen (and so on), I’m excited to announce that our next guest on the Crime Cafe podcast will be crime fiction author and Forensics Maven, D.P. Lyle. I’ll let him give you the deets about the latest giveaway. Check it out! 🙂 Need a great... read more

What Are You Working on Now?

A question to strike terror confusion that’s hard for any writer to answer, I think. What am I working on? What am I not working on? 🙂 It’s been a long time since I last blogged about my writing. I actually do have a new work-in-progress. For reasons that... read more

Read an Ebook Week is Almost Over

It’s been way, way, way too long since I last updated this blog with a post that wasn’t a Crime Cafe-related thing or a promotional giveaway. And I promise to write something less obnoxious promotional someday. However, I feel duty-bound to tell you that... read more

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