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Pop Culture Lies About Lawyers–Part One

There are so many lies misrepresentations about lawyers and what they do, as they’re portrayed in pop culture, that one blog post really isn’t sufficient. But I’ll start with what I think is obvious. I was reading a certain book about comedy (which will remain... read more

Recommended Reading: ‘Deadly Legacy’

This week, I’m posting one of my very occasional book reviews. This book is recommended reading for fans of British mystery and suspense, in particular. It will become pretty obvious why as you read this! 🙂 Today’s recommended reading is Deadly Legacy by... read more

Another Crime Fiction Book Review

Here for your enjoyment is another crime fiction book review. This one’s an oldie, but goodie, believe me. Hi Debbi Mack here, and I just wanted to talk a little about Walking the Perfect Square. Hopefully, the light is not shining on the cover when I do that... read more

Why I Write the Sam McRae Mystery Series

This weekend was truly exciting for me. I spent Saturday at my 30-year law school reunion. I went not knowing what to expect or how to feel, but came away feeling great about being a lawyer. Not to mention that it reminded me why I write a mystery series about a... read more

Guest Post by Mystery Author Ellen Byerrum

Once again, it’s my pleasure to feature as a guest blogger, before she makes her appearance on my podcast the Crime Cafe, another awesome thriller and mystery author, Ellen Byerrum. Ellen writes the popular Crime of Fashion Mysteries, which means she writes... read more

Good Writing Starts with Reading

Please forgive the brevity with which I’m writing this post. I’ve just spent half of Sunday away from my computer, gobbling down engrossed in reading books. Why? Because good writing starts with that. Good writers seek out and absorb the lessons of other... read more

The Crime Cafe with Crime Writer Dave White

Hi! 🙂 Once again, it’s time for a Crime Cafe video, where I talk about crime fiction with crime writer Dave White! Will Google penalize me for overuse of the word … don’t say it! 🙂 In any event, and without saying the possibly offensive word …... read more

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