Three Sam McRae Mysteries


Law Can Be Murder


This boxed set includes the first three Sam McRae mystery novels in one book: Identity Crisis, in which murder and mayhem ensue in a case involving identity theft; Least Wanted, a suspenseful tale of juvenile delinquency and white-collar crime; and Riptide, in which Sam must wade through secrets, lies, and fraud to defend her best friend from a murder charge.

“Debbi Mack has carved her own niche in the mystery pantheon.”

— Scott Nicholson, author of DISINTEGRATION

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Praise for the Novels:

“Debbi Mack crafts a taut narrative with crackling dialogue.”

– Aimee Zuccarini, The Maryland Women’s Journal, Oct./Nov. 2009

“If you enjoy realistic legal thrillers—and dread the thought of ‘identity theft’ striking home—Identity Crisis will be a genuine treat.”

– Jeremiah Healy, Author of RESCUE, TURNABOUT and THE ONLY GOOD LAWYER

“Least Wanted hooks you from the start and never lets go. A fascinating and absorbing mystery.”

– Simon Wood, author of SAVING GRACE

“Get dragged under by Riptide. If you’re not already a fan of the Sam McRae series, you will be after this read.”

— Benjamin Sobieck, author of CLEANSING EDEN and THE GLASS EYE

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