The Erica Jensen Mystery Series

The Erica Jensen mysteries comprise two books, with a planned third novel in the works. The series debut Damaged Goods, was nominated for a Shamus in 2021. The series books are available for sale at various online retailers and this website. They’re also being serialized on Substack, along with other books I’ve written and public domain fiction.

The protagonist, Erica Jensen, was inspired by a photograph of a female veteran. Although she is a strong female sleuth, she has her flaws, which become exacerbated while she adjusts to life at home after serving in Afghanistan. Check out the books below and in the dropdown menu!

You can buy all my ebooks and audiobooks directly from me here. Click on the “Erica Jensen Mysteries” tab to check out the series. And keep an eye out for the second Erica Jensen book, Fatal Connections.

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