This is the last post I’m writing for my blog in 2015, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to awe myself pat myself on the back a bit for the things I’ve done this year. I’d like to emphasize that these are not New Year’s resolutions, because I don’t believe you’ll have any more chance of reaching your goals if you happen to choose them at the end/beginning of a year.

  1. I’ve managed to revise a kind of meta-thriller novel. I’m not sure how else to describe it. And it looks like I’m actually going to finish it within the time I imposed upon myself to do so. It’s sort of amazing, because I almost discarded the notion of actually publishing the thing. But I took another look at the manuscript and decided it was worth a try at getting it more polished and readable. So that was, indeed, not only a goal met, but a hugely surprising one, at that.
  2. I’ve been working like a dog on the feature film screenplay The Enemy Within. I’ve entered it into several contests and made the finals in TWO of them! That is not only a surprise, it’s a huge freakin’ shock to me. I’ve been getting feedback from various contests and eventually bit the bullet and hired a consultant (one highly recommended by another more experienced screenwriter) to make more suggestions. In short, I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere with the story. I forgot to mention that I also joined a local screenwriters’ critique group, which has helped immeasurably. And that’s not even to mention how beneficial the social media group Stage 32 has been. Plus, of course, I have to give a GINORMOUS (sp?) thank you to Women in Film and Video, DC! Thanks for choosing to put my screenplay in the Spotlight! Each and every one of you have helped make all this possible.
  3. I’ve been getting increasingly comfortable with the idea of making a film or a short video. At this point, I’m thinking along the lines of making a documentary. I have all sorts of ideas about subjects. But I’ve been so busy with other stuff, I’m focusing initially on the technical and fundraising aspects. Just to prepare myself, mind you. Making a film is a big undertaking, so I need to choose a subject I feel passionate about. Well … that could be all sorts of things. So, obviously, I need to narrow down the field of possibilities a bit. In any case, I’m eternally grateful for the existence of Docs in Progress in Silver Spring, MD. I’ve taken some great workshops there and met some of the most awesome and helpful individuals. Anyway, THANK YOU Docs in Progress and all the folks I’ve met there. My involvement with them has led to other awesome film events, too. Okay … so yay! … next …
  4. I’ve been working on a Sam McRae short story. This would be the first Sam short I’ve tried to write. And I’m almost done … almost. I had half of it written … then I stopped. Then I wrote nearly to the end. Now I’m trying to come up a really cool finish! I started off with an idea and words just kept coming. Now, I’m not entirely sure where they’ve led me. But I feel like I’m SO close to finding the answer. I just need to pull myself away from all the other writing and devote the tiniest bit of time to the ending. It can be done. At least, that’s what I tell myself. In any case, that (with any luck) will be done soon.
  5. Finally, I have all these new ideas for Sam McRae and other novels. I’m thinking Portia, my young adult protagonist in INVISIBLE ME, should have her own series of books. The sequel and other books that follow will have more mystery and/or suspense in them. Those are my somewhat half-baked thoughts, anyway. I’ve also got a shitload of other ideas, but I can’t tell you those or I’ll have to kill you. Kidding, of course! It’s just a joke. Honest!
  6. Incidentally, as you may know, I’ve been blogging film reviews here. Well, I’ve gathered those reviews together, added some additional text, and created the first in a series of ebook film review compilations, called I FOUND IT AT THE MOVIES – MOVIE REVIEWS: FILM NOIR EDITION.

I Found It at the Movies - Revision

With any luck, this book will be available for download after you all get your new ereaders for Christmas! Or whatever holiday you may celebrate.

And with that said, have an auspicious holiday break!


PS: Did you know that Barnes & Noble now allows authors to publish print books online and on-demand?

Schnell & flexibel - On demand

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