The Sam McRae Mystery Series

The Sam McRae Mystery Series is made up of four novels: Identity CrisisLeast Wanted, Riptide, and Deep Six. The first book in the series is available for pre-order until Dec. 16, when it will be out as an ebook. The second book is also available as an ebook. The print versions of both books are coming soon. The third and fourth books are currently out-of-print, but will be re-released.

The protagonist, Stephanie Ann “Sam” McRae, is very much like a cross between Kinsey Millhone and V.I. Warshawski, as a lawyer. She’s a tough, but likeable, champion of the underdog. Sam seeks justice for her clients, no matter what. Too often, her choices lead her into situations where she must solve the crime in order to survive and help her clients. Check them out below!

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