I just had the most amazing weekend. For the first time in, I don’t know how long, I attended a writer’s conference where I didn’t have to travel or make hotel arrangements. The conference—Creatures Crimes & Creativity—took place right in my neck of the woods—Columbia, Maryland. One of the best things about it was that fiction authors of many different genres were there.

Ironically, because I was working on a last-minute project, which probably stinks and will go nowhere, I ended up missing most of the first day. It was my understanding that I had two panels on Saturday. It wasn’t until I actually arrived at the conference that I learned that I had one on Friday that I missed! So my abject apologies to anyone who expected to see me. That’s assuming you know who I am and cared!

But, be that as it may, I was there for the signing on Friday evening. And here’s a picture of me with the awesome Kathryn O’Sullivan.

Me and Kathryn O'Sullivan waiting to sign books! :)

Me and Kathryn O’Sullivan waiting to sign books! 🙂

But the great times didn’t stop with that. Reed Farrel Coleman gave the most inspiring and funny speech at dinner that night.

The awesome Reed Farrell Coleman!

The awesome Reed Farrel Coleman!

Not only that, but the next day, when I actually showed up for a panel I had planned to be on, I was later told that we did a great job—much to utter shock surprise delight!

Lane Stone, Austin Camacho, and me, looking awkward! :)

Lane Stone, Austin Camacho, and me, looking stoic or stoned or something! 🙂

Then, at lunch, sci-fi writer Cerece Murphy spoke and what she said really hit home for me. Cerece is not only a sci-fi author, but a Howard County author, like myself. That made listening to her talk doubly or triply awesome!

Sandra Bowman interviews the very cool Cerece Murphy!

Sandra Bowman interviews the very cool Cerece Murphy!

There is something so refreshing about meeting writers who write other genre fiction. That wasn’t the only thing that was great about this conference.

While I was there to promote my mysteries and my young adult novel, I wore my Tardis jacket, because the weekend was chilly. This, of course, led to a few discussions about Doctor Who.

Plus I ran into somebody who, like myself, is a big fan of the old TV show The Prisoner. We had a brief discussion about how far ahead of its time the show was and how it reflected some of the surreal and psychedelic aspects of the Sixties. Also, how thoroughly crappy the remake was. Check out the trailer. Remind you of a newer show, maybe? 🙂

I couldn’t resist asking if he remembered the party scene from the episode “A. B. and C.”, where Number Six asks this woman (in the most Patrick McGoohan offhand way), “Haven’t they killed you yet?” A line that never ceases to make me laugh.

But here’s something else that I really liked. I actually made more money by selling two copies of Identity Crisis that I put on consignment with Novel Books than I did for an entire month on Amazon.


And that’s a miracle.

PS: My panel was about Super Fans. Naturally, I had to tell the story of how I met Paul and Trevor, through blogging and Doctor Who, etc. Anyway, speaking of Paul’s blog, he put up a great video that everyone should watch!

Quite possibly one of the best videos Paul has embedded!

I was going to mention my trip to L.A. and the meeting with Scott C and Mary C, but I ran out of time! :-O But be sure and read their blog, World O’ Crap!

So here are photos of all the Super Fans that I’ve actually met through blogging and/or social media! I included Caren Kennedy, because I know her from Twitter, thanks to Louise Phillips’ blog!

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