I previously blogged and vlogged about the stuff that bugs me about crime shows and legal shows. Well, let me tell you about my awesome day in mock court on Saturday.

Now, as a member of the University of Maryland School of Law (now known as the Carey School of Law) alumni, it was my great honor to volunteer as a judge in this year’s Eastern Regional Mock Trial Tournament. Well, having a law degree and still being a proud member of the Maryland Bar, it was my pleasure to participate.

I arrived at around 2:00 p.m. and went to the Faculty Lounge, where they’d so kindly provided sandwiches and cookies and stuff, which was so awesome. So while we stuffed our faces, they went over the scoring rules. A very helpful exercise, since I was one of the scoring judges. I sure wasn’t going to be the presiding judge. I’ll tell you that! 🙂

For that position, our judging team of three had (of all things) a former Prince George’s County prosecutor! I don’t have to tell any Sam McRae mystery fans how awesome that was for this author. So, Chris Randolph, ex-PG-prosecutor and awesome presiding judge, thanks so much for being there!

Kudos also to my co-scoring judge, whose name I’ve so sadly forgotten … 🙁 (So sorry. If you’re reading this, co-judge, please leave your name in the comments!) Update: It’s Paul Schwinn! Thanks, Paul!

But the best part was watching these students put their school book knowledge of trial work into practice. I was so impressed with their knowledge and poise. I truly was blown away.

The whole experience was so delightful, I simply had to take a video to memorialize the occasion!

I can definitely say I’ve never been prouder to be a member of the Bar! 🙂

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