How many of you remember Crazy Eddie? For those of you who might enjoy a bit of 80s retro, here’s Crazy Eddie!

Too bad for Crazy Eddie that he ended up convicted of fraud. Probably should have called Saul! 🙂

Well, starting this Sunday, March 5 and running through Saturday, March 11, I’ll be going crazy, too! (But not fraudulent! 🙂 ) Offering you (yes, you, reading this here blog) all my ebooks for absolutely free!

Is that a crazy promotion or what?

This wild and crazy special is brought to you courtesy of Smashwords’ Read an E-Book Week! That’s where you’ll find all my indie-published ebooks for free! Just click this link to access my Smashwords profile page and you’ll find the buy links.

Then simply use the code SFREE at checkout.

Not only will you get my books at absolutely no cost, but you’ll also get both Crime Cafe ebooks: the nine-book boxed set and the short story anthology, and pay nothing!

So be sure to click here to access the books and use the code SFREE at checkout. But do it between March 5 and 11, because it’ll be all over after that.

PS: Do yourself a big favor and use the money you save on these books to support what author Jim Wilsky has blogged about here. It’s a Kickstarter project for what looks to be a kick-ass anthology.

In an interesting coincidence, Jim happens to have collaborated on work with Frank Zafiro, a Crime Cafe interviewee and contributor to the boxed set.

And here’s Frank to tell you about the anthology in more detail!

For my own part, I’ve read Jim’s contribution to the Kickstarter project and it’s fantastic. So, please lend your support to these awesome indie crime writers.

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