Hi! Today, I’m reviewing Murder in the One Percent by Saralyn Richard. I really enjoyed the book. There’s a lot in here that I could talk about that I liked.

In the story, the author explores the lifestyles of the very rich and a murder takes place. And this wealthy society of people comes into conflict and contact with the local police, who are investigating the murder.

Now that’s just a quick summary, but one of the things I really liked about this story is that the author humanizes the One Percenters. She does a great job of that. These people get together for a big birthday at one person’s house or actually one couple’s house. And the least popular guy in the group shows up with his latest trophy wife.

And it reminded me slightly of The Big Chill that way, you know? There was this whole internal dynamic going on with the group and then there’s a murder and it’s of course the least popular guy who’s killed. And of course the trophy wife is a suspect and there are any number of other suspects because there’s all this interaction going on. And the local police officer, rather, the detective who’s investigating it just happens to be African-American, and all of this works its way into the story and it’s done very well.

So I recommend this book. Do go out, get yourself a copy, e-copy or print, whichever you like. And on that note, I’ll just say, check out the affiliate links in this post. You can buy the book with them. And I’ll talk to you later.

Oh, affiliate links give me a small percentage of sale (either of the book or some other thing you buy within a certain time period after you click the link, I’m pretty sure). So, I make about this much, maybe.

Okay. That’s it. So I’ll talk to you later.

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