Every year, my local chapter of Sisters in Crime holds its annual holiday Mystery Extravaganza. It’s where the member authors who’ve published this year can talk about the book(s) and stories they’ve written.

If I have a book out that year, I make it a point to attend, because they always hold it in two places: the Howard County Public Library in Maryland (super-convenient for me) and some library or other in Virginia. 🙂 Okay, this year it’s at the Reston Public Library in Virginia.

Normally, I would blog about what it was like, but thanks to Zoom and continuing worries about delta omicron bugs in general, I can just post this recording! 🙂

Need gift ideas? Check out the selection. I’m in there, talking about Fatal Connections, which has come out as an ebook. So far. 🙂

PS: The Virginia event takes place on Dec. 11, if you’d like to check that out. To see the details, click here. You don’t even have to live there! 🙂

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