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Apparently, one of the things I should talk about (presumably on my vlog or during a podcast or wherever) or maybe write about online is what I do when I’m not writing.

And so while I’ve waited for the beachball of death to stop a YouTube video to take nearly forever to upload my computer crash to be magically fixed a cure for dystonia the next task to present itself, I’ve created some badly-drawn cartoons.

Allow me to present: The Clueless Detective! 🙂

So, yeah, okay. I was messing around. And I came up with a couple of short cartoons, based on this premise. You can see the first one here.

And then there’s this one:

Humble beginnings, I realize, but still. 🙂

And I think this one was next!

I can’t wait to start using the CASE Act to register my copyright on these things! 🙂 For more information, click here to listen to the most recent episode of the Crime Cafe podcast!

Oh, and then there’s this and this!

And that was nice, also. 🙂

PS: I’ve also been known to make the occasional cinnamon scone! 🙂

I’ve also been pondering starting a literary journal, featuring short stories, series excerpts, and more! See what you think of this! 🙂

PPS: How about this! 🙂

Can anyone else see the irony? 🙂

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