Debbi Mack interviews crime writer Judith Yates on the Crime Cafe podcast.

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Unfortunately, I can no longer provide transcription show notes, but will resume doing so when finances allow. I have tried to note at what time various discussion topics come up in the recording.

[02:35] Judith discusses her decision to study criminology.

[03:40] Judith mentions her family’s roots in law enforcement, including her grandfather’s work for Pinkerton.

[05:35] Discussion of Judith’s book Bullied to Death.

[08:57] The importance of good storytelling in true crime.

[09:31] The use of technology and social media in bullying teens and children.

[12:20] The emotional impact of the story in Bullied to Death.

[12:50] The authors Judith find most inspiring.

[14:25] Judith’s opinion of the role of the true crime writer.

[15:20] A few cautionary words about self-publishing other people’s true stories.

[18:40] Judith talks about her true crime book, She is Evil.

[20:30] The focus in She is Evil on the misrepresentation of those of the Islamic faith.

[24:00] Discussion of the post-9/11 backlash against Islamic people.

[25:36] Judith’s current work-in-progress, a true crime book about female bank robbers.

[28:06] Bonnie Parker never robbed a bank! (Who knew? I didn’t.)

[29:10] I highly recommend Knives Out! (Review to come on another blog. Eventually.] And a bit of discussion about Bond. James Bond.

[30:15] Judith mentions the list of resources available on online bullying. Her goal is to tell stories that readers can learn from, so as to avoid the mistakes of the past.


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