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I didn’t plan to be a self-published author. When I started writing my novels, the standard release schedule for most crime fiction authors was a book a year. And those were traditionally-published authors.

But then I also didn’t plan to become a screenwriter, either.

Nor did I plan to have a YouTube channel. Actually, three YouTube channels. Here’s the third one! 🙂

Nor did I plan to have a podcast.

Here’s more indie author advice!

Not sure about this three books at a time thing. Unless they’re really, really short! 🙂

And I also never expected to have a Patreon page! I never expected it, but I’m so grateful for my supporters there!

Starting today, I have a special offer for new patrons. Become a Patreon supporter before May 19, 2021, and you’ll be named in the acknowledgments to my upcoming novel, Fatal Connections.

To check out my early drafts and get ad-free episodes and more, become a patron today!

Thank you! 🙂

PS: Don’t miss this opportunity, if your books aren’t published yet! 🙂

PPS: Every time I turn around, I seem to encounter a crossroads. 🙂

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PPS: Would you ever buy a spreadsheet? 🙂

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