That’s an old photo of me from several years ago. We were traveling by train—overnight, I might add—and we got off in Sacramento and walked about for a bit. I wonder if I could find those photos now. Let’s see, okay? 🙂

Me smiling, on a train to Sacramento.

Here I am, on the fricking train, my right hand planted squarely on top of my left hand, the one constantly pulling itself apart.

Okay, here’s one from Sacramento.

Another photo of me, with a bridge in the background. In Sacramento. It’s the Tower Bridge, by the way!

And here I am again! Standing and smiling, despite the madness of my left side. Hands folded nicely to hide my torment.

To tell you truth, if I had my druthers, I’d pack it all in and roam the world.

But then there are weeks days when I get tired just thinking about moving.

I thought I’d post these photos just to remind myself and everyone that we have much to be grateful for.

I’ve done an overnight trip by train. With dystonia. And written whole novels. Frankly, I never really expected to do so much of what I’ve done.

In any case, have a great … Thanksgiving. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not.

Meanwhile, if you’ll excuse me, I have a thousand quite a few books to read, as a screener for the Hammett Award.

Oh, and I’m working on revising a pilot episode. And thinking about a couple of other screenwriting projects. And blogging. And reviewing. And making videos of various types.

In the meantime, as for marketing, I’m so busy trying to live, I tend to forget about it.

But if you’d like to buy one or more of my novels as a gift (including the four shown above), feel free to click here and take advantage of the sale I’m starting on Dec. 4, 2020!

Wait until that date, then buy the book of your choice with the promo code GIFTBOOKS. You’ll get 20% off.

Here’s one more from the road:

On the road! 🙂

PS: Here’s a video I made in 2020! For those of you familiar with the Flitcraft Parable. 🙂

PPS: We later went to London, England, UK, and saw yet another Tower Bridge! But that’s a story for another time! 🙂

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