Hi! Here I am in my tiny relatively small (and still terribly messy) office. Sitting on the floor, writing out potential scenes and plot points and stuff. Really exciting, huh? 🙂

So, along with sitting at my computer and just writing, I try to plan ahead, at least a little, to get an idea about where I’m going with the story.

I like to write with the end in mind, although I tend to improvise more than I used to. But hopefully not so much that I end up doing too much of this.

I should mention here that I also do a lot of research. Because one must, right?

Right at the moment, I’m working on a crime story (or two) that takes place in Spokane, Washington.

So, here’s something I came across while researching the issue of homelessness in that town.

I also ran across more than one of these.

Why am I researching this subject? Let’s just say, I have my reasons. 🙂

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