This week we have a guest post and book giveaway that’s actually posted on the guest author’s blog. Yes, really! I’ll let you think about that while I continue on here.

Our next guest on the Crime Cafe podcast is giving away a copy of the book pictured to the left.

I’ll include an excerpt from his post below. It’s a teaser! And I’d encourage you to click through and read it all. There will be a test.

And I’ll let Blaine Pardoe explain the giveaway contest rules, okay? 🙂


This is a special posting for fans of Crime Cafe.  I usually don’t write about current crimes, my preference is writing about cold cases or older crimes.  This case is worthy of special attention on several levels.  I am also doing a contest for a copy of A Special Kind of Evil – our book on the Colonial Parkway Serial Murders.  Follow this blog on WordPress and send me an email at to qualify.

Now, onto my special blog post for fans of Crime Cafe.

When you write true crime like me, certain crimes do grab you.  This one came to me as a result of my son who was visiting us for the holidays.  The victim had gone missing before Christmas and my son knew him because he wanted to shadow him at the hair salon my son owns in Ferndale, Michigan.  My son, Alex, really isn’t a true crime buff like his sister (and my co-author) but this one hit close to home with him…so Alex, this one’s for you.

We talked about the crime all through the holidays.  It was one of those that could and should have been averted.  There was almost a Jeffrey Dahmer vibe to it.

Here’s the scant facts that we know at this point:

  • The victim in this case is Kevin Bacon.  No, not the actor, but the name similarity even brought that actor to share his outrage at this crime.
  • Kevin Bacon told his roommate, Michelle Myers, that he was leaving Christmas Eve to meet a man he found on the dating app Grindr.  He was last seen at 5:23 p.m.  He lived in Swartz Creek just outside of Flint, Michigan.  He was a big guy, six-two, 250 lbs, so whoever took control of him had to have used some sort of means (a gun, or knife) to do so.  He has the look of a kind, gentle young man, which makes this crime seem even more horrible.
  • At 6:12 p.m. he sent a text to his roommate saying he was out for a while, he was having a good time and did not know when he’d be back.
  • Bacon’s car was found abandoned with his clothing, wallet, and cell phone in it.

To read more, click here!


Blaine Pardoe is a New York Times Bestselling and award-winning author of numerous books in the science fiction, military non-fiction, true crime, paranormal, and business management genres.  Born in Newport News, Virginia, he has appeared on a number of national television and radio shows to speak about his books. Mr. Pardoe has been a featured speaker at the US National Archives, the United States Navy Museum, and the New York Military Affairs Symposium. He was awarded the State History Award in 2011 by the Historical Society of Michigan and is a two-time silver medal and one time gold winner from the Military Writers Society of America. In 2013 Mr. Pardoe won the Harriet Quimby Award from the Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame for his contributions to aviation history.

His books have even been mentioned on the floor of the US Congress. His works have been printed in six languages and he is recognized worldwide for his historical and true crime works. Mr. Pardoe currently lives in Culpeper, Virginia.  His true crime cold-case books written with his daughter, Victoria Hester, have generated countless tips for authorities.

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