There are many reasons why I started off as a mystery writer. I’ll go through a few of those reasons now.

For one thing, I’ve always loved reading mysteries. So it was natural for me to want to write mysteries, having read so many of them. And, like many a humble writer, I’ve read a book or two that provoked the thought, “I could write a better story than this.”

Another reason I chose to write mysteries was that I’d heard if you could write a mystery, you’d have the skills needed to write any kind of story. Maybe that’s true and maybe it isn’t. But like all good fiction, writing a good mystery requires knowing how to create plot points, build suspense, and follow some kind of story arc.

Finally, the reason I chose to write hard-boiled mystery was that it was an excellent way to discuss real-life social inequities in a fictionalized form.

Having been a practicing attorney and having spent part of my teen years in the D.C. area during the era of the Watergate scandal probably had a lot to do with it as well. Certainly, it influenced my decision to major in journalism at the University of Maryland.


I remember reading these headlines and remembering All the President’s Men.

I read this book when it was new!

I read this book when it was new!

Seeing the movie is like reliving my own history.

Who would’ve thought that years in the future, I’d get to meet Bob Woodward, as well as Carl Bernstein?

Me and Bob Woodward, after I showed him the photo of me and Carl Bernstein! :)

Me and Bob Woodward, after I showed him the photo of me and Carl Bernstein! 🙂

PS: When I was a teenager, I worked as a volunteer at the McGovern campaign headquarters. Really! But that’s a whole ‘nuther story, for another day.

PPS: Is it any wonder I’d end up writing a thriller like this one? It’s only 99 cents until the end of the week, as in Nov. 11. Get it now while you can!


PPPS: In the days before social media, there was this radio station! Feast Your Ears!


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