As a writer of mysteries, one young adult novel (so far), a thriller, short stories, film reviews, and screenplays, the question “what is a brand” is always on my mind.

How do I encapsulate all the things I do in imagery, tweets, Facebook posts, and so on.

Thing is … I’m in the constant process of discovering who I am.

So branding (in my opinion) is a process. It will evolve as you do as a person and as your career develops.

Thus, while I may not know exactly who I am, I know what I’m not.

  • I’m not a girl who loves pink.
  • I’m not into shopping for shoes or any other clothing.
  • I’m not one to assume “experts” know anything.
  • I’m not a romance writer.
  • I’m not a romance reader.
  • I don’t end my crime fiction all wrapped up neatly with a pretty pink ribbon on it.
  • I’m not anyone’s mama!

Thanks J Lo, for the inspiration! 🙂

PS: In case you didn’t know, my first novel has been re-released. It’s only 99 cents! Isn’t that awesome? 🙂

Just click here for more information about the novel!

PS: As seen on Twitter! 🙂

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