For someone who writes mysteries, I’m not all that into TV crime dramas. Especially shows like CSI, and definitely shows with lots of courtroom scenes.

We all know that CSI is not realistic and that the time it takes to get forensic results must be compressed to meet the needs of the show. But what’s really unrealistic is that every woman working in crime investigation is a hottie traipsing around in high heels, expensive suits, and low-cut blouses clinging to their no-doubt lacy undergarments. And, of course, how can a woman be expected to do her job adequately without first applying lipstick and eyeliner that not only enhances her natural beauty, but coordinates perfectly with her outfit?

Not only do these fashion standards apply to crime investigators, but they’re required of female lawyers as well. And let’s not even get into the various types of ridiculous behavior TV lawyers engage in while before a judge and jury. Things I’ve talked about in some of my videos. Things like lawyers engaging in speeches instead of asking a witness questions. Or introducing the so-called “surprise witness.” Even though the parties are supposed to exchange witness lists before trial.

Yes, the parties to a lawsuit do exchange information before trial. It’s called discovery and the only place I’ve seen it on TV was during the show Damages. Now maybe other shows have done it, but I generally don’t watch lawyer shows, so I wouldn’t know.

And on that note, here’s my final word on (*sigh*) The Grinder!

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