Today is Friday, August 19, and in a matter of 23 days, the Crime Cafe crowdfunding project will hit the deadline. It’s my sincere hope that we can get more supporters before the “drop-dead date” of September 11. The deadline date is an odd coincidence of timing. Believe me.

With that in mind, let me remind you of some of the perks you can get if you donate to this campaign.

For mid-level supporters:

Crime Cafe Perks - Midlevel

For higher-level supporters:

Crime Cafe Perks - Higher

You can even qualify for a copy of my first novel IDENTITY CRISIS, depending on how much you’re willing to donate.


Not only that, but for just a buck you can be a named character in the novel I’m currently working on: a mystery with an unlicensed female detective, who also happens to be an ex-Marine who suffered brain trauma during her tour.

All contributors can participate in the referral contest I’m running, in which those who refer the top three amounts of money donated can win one or more of my out-of-print Sam McRae novels.

Contest - Referrals

Finally, I feel so strongly about wanting to make our monetary goal, I’ve pledged to donate my portion of any profits from selling the Crime Cafe e-books to the Ellicott City Partnership, until such time as they stop taking donations for the flood victims there.

Please join us in supporting great crime fiction, as well as a great cause. Make your donation to the crowdfunding project here on the campaign page.

Who says an ebook author can’t think global and act local? 🙂



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