Hi there! 🙂 This is just a reminder that I’ll be doing a live reading of my mystery fiction on Google Hangouts OnAir this Friday. So, please add me to your circle or do whatever it takes to be there. It’s a public event, so join me, if you can. I won’t be standing at a podium, but I will have a mic!


And, if you by any chance were notified on Facebook that this event has been cancelled, please ignore that message. I didn’t cancel it. I have no idea how that happened. I guess Facebook is just weird sometimes. Now that gets a very definite “thumbs down!”


PS: Being that today is the first full day of Yom Kippur, it seems only fitting to post the audio/visual version of A.J. Sidransky’s Crime Cafe interview. Watch/listen to the interview and you’ll know why! 🙂

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