Reading is good for you, in so many ways. Books make you smarter. Reading reduces stress and helps ward off conditions like Alzheimer’s. However, studies show that reading print books is better for your brain.

Personally, I find it easier to remember books in print than ebooks that I’ve read. There really is something different and better about holding a print book in hand, when reading.

Much as it pains me to say this, as one who’s benefited greatly from ebook sales, not to mention one who has been known to download ebooks for my own consumption, I have to admit I love print books. And all the things that go with them. Bookstores, book signings, book readings, bookshelves, bookmarks, etc. And, of course, libraries!

Me, signing at the Howard County Library

Me, signing at the Howard County Library!

And here are two photos of the Brentwood Library, in England! Maybe someday, I’ll get to sign there, too. 🙂



Finally, here’s my reading list for June!

PS: I’m gearing up for the Crime Cafe podcast! With any luck, I’ll get anecdotes as interesting as some of these!

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