Good evening Good day Hello, ladies and germs gentlemen! 🙂 Just a brief announcement to let you know that the most amazing podcast on the planet Crime Cafe podcast is coming back soon for a fourth season! 🙂 With even more and better crime fiction for you. Yowza, yowza! 🙂

And, for those of you too young to know what “yowza” means, you should see this movie! Or read the book! Either one is amazing.

But I digress. Next week, on this here blog, I’ll be featuring my first guest post and giveaway of the new season of Crime Cafe.

Furthermore, I’m launching a Patreon campaign! Truly frightening scary exciting stuff! 🙂

Oh, yeah. Here’s the Patreon page. It’s a work-in-progress, so please, don’t judge me, okay? 🙂

Thanks and be seeing you! 🙂

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