I am an unapologetic supporter of teachers. In fact, this weekend I learned about this project called the Thank You, Teachers Project. It consists of letters you can post online and even send to the teacher in question (assuming you know the address or email). What better way to thank a teacher than that? Well, other than giving them great big raises … 🙂 Which they deserve, if you ask me. (Okay, so you didn’t.)

So … I wrote the following letter, which I’m re-printing here. My favorite teacher was Miss Solomon, who I had in the second and third grade.

Anyhow, here it is …

Dear Miss Solomon,

I want to thank you for everything you did for me. You were my favorite elementary school teacher. You not only taught me well, but you had a great sense of humor.

I don’t know if you’ll remember me, but I was that terribly shy kid from the projects who loved to read books and write book reports. I remember how you used to encourage me when I felt down, and all those wonderful stars you gave me for every book report I turned in.

Along with my parents, I think you are part of the reason I became a writer.

I know you changed your name after you married, but to me you’ll always be the awesome Miss Solomon!

Yours truly,
Debbi Mack

Okay, so that may be a bit on the sappy side. But too bad. Miss Solomon really was awesome.

And she did look almost exactly like this woman! 🙂


PS: Have I mentioned that I’m a SELF-e Ambassador? 🙂

SELF-e_AmbassadorBadge_Web-RedAll indie authors need to look into SELF-e!

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