The problem with starting my author career off with a series (soon to be back in print) of four mystery novels is that it creates the impression that I’m primarily a crime writer. However, I find myself questioning my own identity as a writer these days.

I’d like to keep writing mysteries and crime fiction, in general, but I’m not sure I want to limit myself. After all, I’ve already written one young adult novel. Without getting into a debate about whether “young adult” constitutes a genre, in and of itself, I’ll just say that writing about a young protagonist ended up taking my writing in a slightly different direction.

In any case, I’d intended to make the young adult book a standalone, but am now reconsidering that decision. I’m picturing stories about Portia (my albino protagonist) at the ages of 14 and 15, as she navigates life’s ups and downs in the wake of her father’s disappearance. Not to mention her relationships with the nerdish Judy and the uber-popular Denise.

Meanwhile, I’m putting the (many) finishing touches on my current work-in-progress, which appears to be shaping up as a novella. We’ll see how that goes. The working title is Damaged Goods. And it will be finished finished someday really soon!

But, in anticipation of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, I’m doing an ebook giveaway right here on this website. I’m giving away copies of my sorely overlooked young adult book. For those of you who could use a book for your ereader over the holiday, just click here or on the above banner and download a copy of Invisible Me. Or go to the page on my website for the book.

It’s all part of my “School’s Out” promotion in June! 🙂

Grab a copy now. Promotion ends on May 28, 2018.

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