Have you heard the news? If you haven’t seen my tweets or my Facebook Page, then it’s time you found out … my young adult novel Invisible Me is now available as an audiobook! Yay! 🙂

Now hear this …! Get it? 🙂

If Invisible Me is the first purchase on the Audible website made by a new Audible member, and they remain a member for two paid billing cycles, I’ll get a bonus payment! It’s like $50, which will go toward my earnings from the sale of books. You may recall that I pledged to give 10% of my net income from book sales to the indie store or stores of my choice. If you join Audible and buy the book, you’ll also be helping me make enough to lend a hand to indie booksellers.

The specifics of my indie bookstore support plan to come in my next post.

Check out the sample clip, join Audible, and buy the audiobook here!

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