It’s my distict pleasure to have as my next guest on the Crime Cafe podcast the very talented and funny crime fiction author Adam Maxwell! Just click on the link and check out his website. Cool, huh?

Adam is, of course, my guest blogger for this week. As such, he is also giving away print copies (please note the plural!) of his novel, THE DALI DECEPTION, to three lucky winners! 🙂

Along with that, Adam is also offering a free copy of his novella, THE DEFECTIVE DETECTIVE: CAT CHASER. And you know, anyone who mentions Dirk Gently in a book description has to be awesome, right? 🙂

You can enter the giveaway for both books by emailing Adam at adam[at]adammaxwell[dot]com by Dec. 26, 2017. I’d suggest putting the words “Crime Cafe giveaway” or some other indicator in the subject line and, with any luck, your email won’t go to Adam’s spam folder will enter you into the contest! 🙂 Anyone anywhere around the world can enter. Adam will pay the international postage. What a guy, eh?

In any case, do check out Adam’s post, because if he’s as funny as he writes this, his book is sure to be a corker! (If I do say so myself. Which I think I just did.)

So … without further ado, here’s Adam Maxwell!


I was pretty sure I didn’t want to write novels.  Turns out I can bit a bit of an idiot at times.

You see, I’d been writing short stories and flash fiction for years.  Little hit and run pieces, all kinds of genres, whatever took my fancy and I didn’t really think that I was interested in writing anything that long.  I mean who has the attention span? (Yeah, past-me was opinionated too it turns out…)

And then I came up with a character.  In a short story.  The Defective Detective.  Clint Barnum.  He was a detective.  Only he had narcolepsy.  And that meant he fell asleep all the time and since it was written in the first person when Clint fell asleep the chapter would just stop mid-sentence.  Which was quite

Clint was my first series character.  I wrote another novella, an aborted (unpublished) novel and another short story and had ideas firing left and right.  And that’s when Violet picked the locked of my door, stormed in and told me to cut that shit out and listen to what she was doing.

Turned out she was quite the criminal mastermind.  She was assembling a crew and I was going to get the be there on the ground floor.  Oceans 11 meets Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels.  Only with women in charge.

So… this is my life now.  Until I escape.  If I ever escape.  In ‘The Dali Deception’ Violet twisted my arm up my back, slammed my head into the keyboard and forced me to write my first novel.  2018 she’s back again in ‘Kill It With Fire’ but… because that was only a novella I’ve been commissioned (blackmailed) into writing a third in the series.  ‘Get The Girl. Kill The Baddies’ is already being prepared.  And provided she isn’t arrested… or killed… I’ll be writing that too.

Send help. Or red wine.

In fact, just send red wine.  And read one of the books.  I’m not sure what she’ll do to me if you don’t.


About the Author
Adam lives in the wilds of Northumberland and may or may not have worked as a web designer, private detective, unsuccessful strawberry picker and taxidermy consultant.

Thankfully these days he spends most of his time in the attic of his house throwing pebbles at passers by and writing.  When he’s not writing crime he has been know to write kids books and his series ‘The Lost Bookshop’ has proved most popular to kids between 6 and 12.

If you’d like to say hello you can catch him on his Facebook page or if you require something a little more formal his website is


Thank you, Adam! Don’t forget to enter his book giveaway! (See details above!)

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