Hope you’ve all had a great weekend! 🙂 Without further ado here’s Chapter Two of my YA novel!


After seventh period, I wander by the gym, half-wondering if I’m being set up or about to be the butt of another practical joke. Lingering by the door, ready to bolt, I hear “psst.” I step into the gym and see Denise standing against a wall a few feet away.

She waves me over. “C’mon. Hurry.” Her voice is pinched. She looks frantic.

“What? Afraid to be seen with the freakazoid chick?”

She grabs my arm and pulls me toward the bleachers. We duck underneath.

I cross my arms. “Well, I guess that answers my question.”

“Hey, look, I’m sorry.” Her voice catches. It’s enough for me to stand down a bit. “I wanted to talk to you because I have a problem. And I can’t discuss it with my friends.”

I roll my eyes. “Are you serious? Take my advice. Don’t go into sales.”

As I turn to leave, she yanks me back. “I didn’t mean it the way it sounded. Please, please listen to me.”

She sounds desperate. I can scarcely believe the most popular girl in my class is begging me for help.

I sigh. “Fine. What is it?”

“It’s my boyfriend, Randy. I think he might be seeing another girl.”

She tells me about Kathleen, a girl she met over the summer in tennis camp. They became doubles partners. Denise introduced Kathleen to all her friends, Randy included. Kathleen goes to another school. I tune out and stifle a yawn. This is a life-or-death problem? “I need you to follow Randy,” she says. “Find out if he’s seeing her.”

“What? Are you kidding? Why don’t you follow him yourself?”

“Because he’ll notice me. I need someone he doesn’t know.”

I laugh. “And I’m the one to do it? Look at me. I don’t exactly blend with the scenery.”

“I’ve got that figured. My sister’s in a theater group. She’ll borrow a wig. You can wear it with a hat and dark glasses. He’ll never spot you.”

I start to protest. Why did she choose me? I’m the new kid and I’m a freak. Ah, that’s why she chose me. Which leaves me with one question.

“Why should I do this?”

Denise leans in and whispers, as if sharing a government top secret. “If you do, I’ll invite you to my birthday party next month.”

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