It’s my pleasure to have Allan Ansorge as a guest blogger today. Allan will be my next guest on the Crime Cafe podcast, so be sure to check this blog next week for that.

As usual, as part of his guest post, Allan is giving away not one, but six copies of his crime novel. See his directions below about how to enter the giveaway. I’m currently reading the book and enjoying his mix of crime writing and humor.

So then, without further ado, here’s Allan Ansorge!


Some time back I was invited to Dallas, Texas to do a Public Television interview. There are a handful of questions that a writer is inevitably asked and few of them take you by surprise. On this particular day I was indeed surprised.

The moderator was a local investigative reporter; her questions were very direct and at times personal in nature. The two other authors at the round table were highly successful. Their work had found its way to the New York Times Best Seller list. They spoke of their movie options being something they had aspired to.

I sat silent, wondering how and why I had put myself in this position. The lady reporter fixed here stare on me and asked. “Mr. Ansorge I understand you had reasonably successful in business career and you left it to write a book. What inspired you to give that up and, late in life I might add, start a whole new career?

I truly felt I was for some reason under attack. I was grasping for air and hoping I would think of some thing safe to say. For some reason I blurted out the truth. “I had a story in my head that I enjoyed and I hoped upon hope that one day someone would read it and possibly enjoy it as much as I did. I never thought the book would make any list or any screen. I hoped it might find its way to someone’s nightstand and one night they would reach out to make contact with the characters inside the book’s covers. That is all I ever wanted.”

“So, there were no aspirations of fame or fortune? I understand you once described as one of your desires to another interviewer and I quote. ‘I would like to have a book cover with my name at the top and James Patterson’s at the bottom.’ That seems to be a lofty goal.”

“That was a bad joke, and I have regretted it several times over.”

“Well Allan I enjoyed the joke and your book. I hope it pleases you to know, it is on my nightstand right now so I might read it again.”


Now, I give six of you as readers, the opportunity share the same story. The first six emails I receive through my web page ( contact button there. If you provide a mailing address I will send you a signed copy of Crossing The Centerline.



Allan is the creator of the “Bay Harbour mysteries” and the “Detective Victor Verie” series. Taking the experiences of growing up in a small town, blending them with better than a half century of people watching he creates scenes and characters who become part of the readers life. Believing nothing is ever all good or all bad he even manages to find humor in a crime scene.

He can be reached through his home page ( In the upper left hand corner, there is an address.

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