This is just to let you know that I’m doing a book signing event in Laurel, MD, this coming Saturday!

I’ll be signing from noon to 2 p.m. (Eastern Time, of course!) at the Small Business CEO CoLabs at 8101 Sandy Spring Rd., Ste 290, Laurel, MD. It’s behind the Laurel Municipal Building at 8103. So use the driveway next to 8103 to get to 8101. Got it? 🙂

So … if you’re anywhere near Laurel, please come by. Come by early to avoid the crowds! 🙂


Also, here’s a video with the details on that!

That’s right! I’m also doing a live reading of my first novel IDENTITY CRISIS online!

Just follow me on Google Plus. Or add me to a circle. Or something like that. At least, I hope so.

Oh, just do it. What could go wrong? 🙂

PS: This is too awesome not to share!

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