This week, I have as my guest blogger and next victim interviewee on the Crime Cafe podcast, crime fiction author K’Anne Meinel.

She’s giving away copies of Malice Masterpieces: The First Five Books to five (count ’em 5) lucky winners. Methinks there’s a numerical theme here! 🙂 Methinks? There I go being Shakespeare! 🙂

To enter the giveaway, just come here to listen to the podcast, which will be on YouTube on Wed., Jan. 2, 2019, and on the iTunes and Stitcher on Sun., Jan. 6! A link to where you can enter will be provided along with the interview. So be on the lookout for that.

Having said that, let’s hear from my next guest, K’Anne Meinel!



Have you ever wanted to kill someone? C’mon, we all have had that thought of the how, the why, and the who…what if you can live out such fantasies in books? What if, when you are so angry at someone, you can ‘literally’ kill them…fictionally speaking, of course.

In my Malice series, I’ve done all that. The main character Alice (get it, Malice…M…ALICE?) is an anti-hero, you end up cheering for the killer!

Alice was absolutely inspired by the Dexter books as well as the TV series of the same name. She is not what you expect in the least. She’s petite, pretty, but not beautiful, and a bit of a loner. Now, the loner part, most people would expect of a serial killer, but my character has a life…a very interesting life that includes, marriage, children, and the day-to-day crap that everyone deals with. She does however attract some unusual characters that interfere with this common, every-day, life she so desires with the loves of her life.

Started in 2011, the Malice series was to be an experiment, only five novellas. However, the characters wanted to be heard, and they keep whispering in my ear, my sub-conscious, and keep my readers enthralled. Each novella ends with a cliff-hanger so you want to read the next one, you want to know what is happening, or going to happen. It has, to date, expanded into twenty-four short novellas with more on the way.

All the stories start with M and have Malice in the title. Here is the list of them, in order:

  • Mysterious Malice (Book 1)
  • Meticulous Malice (Book 2)
  • Mistaken Malice (Book 3)
  • Malicious Malice (Book 4)
  • Masterful Malice (Book 5)
  • Matrimonial Malice (Book 6)
  • Mourning Malice (Book 7)
  • Murderous Malice (Book 8)
  • Mental Malice (Book 9)
  • Menacing Malice (Book 10)
  • Minor Malice (Book 11)
  • Morally Malice (Book 12)
  • Morose Malice (Book 13)
  • Melancholy Malice (Book 14)
  • Mad Malice (Book 15)
  • Macabre Malice (Book 16)
  • Marinating Malice (Book 17)
  • Macerating Malice (Book 18)
  • Minacious Malice (Book 19)
  • Meddlesome Malice (Book 20)
  • Meandering Malice (Book 21)
  • Maniacal Malice (Book 22)
  • Monitored Malice (Book 23)
  • Marked Malice (Book 24)
  • Mandating Malice (Book 25)
  • Methodical Malice (Book 26)

One through twenty-four have been published, I’m working on twenty-five, and twenty-six is anxious to come out too, maybe, no promises, in the spring. Just when I think Alice will retire, she whispers sweet murder in my ear and I have to write about her and her family. I’ve even got outlines for her daughter…someday.

Alice is a take no prisoners, no holds barred, kinda gal. She kicks ass, but also has been hurt, very hurt time and again. She’s a character you can love to hate, but also sympathize and empathize with. She’s all of us, but also, none of us because I’m sure she should have been caught by now with all the murders she has committed.

She’s one special gal that keeps on giving me story lines to write.


K’Anne Meinel is a fiction bestselling author with more than 100 published works including shorts, novellas, and novels. She is an American author born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and raised in Oconomowoc. Upon early graduation from high school she went to a private college in Milwaukee and then moved to California for seventeen years before returning to the state. Many of her stories have Wisconsin in them as settings for her wonderful, realistic, and detailed backgrounds. Called the Danielle Steel of her time, K’Anne continues to write interesting stories in a variety of genres in both the lesbian and mainstream fiction categories. Her website is K’Anne is also the publisher and owner of Shadoe Publishing and in December 2017 she started the Lesfic Bard Awards at In 2018 she was named a USA Today best-selling author. In December 2018 she launched the Gay Scribe Awards at in hopes of duplicating the first year’s success of the Lesfic Bard Awards and to showcase more LGBT literature.


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