Today’s Saturday Matinee is Part Five of a parody of the low-budget scifi movie, Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women. This is, in fact, a free scifi movie, in that the film has fallen into the public domain. So anyone can use the footage for whatever purpose they find suitable. Isn’t that awesome?

In any case, without further ado, here’s the movie!

And, just so you know, it was my birthday recently. I got the most wonderful real and virtual gifts!

For instance, my husband gave me a Tardis trash can! It goes well with my Tardis door, don’t you think? 🙂


My Facebook friends provided awesome birthday cakes!

Thank you, Tanya Davis, for these awesome literary cupcakes!


And thank you, Scott Clevenger, for this mysterioso cake!


And, Trevor Veail, thank you so much for this Timey-Wimey cake! 🙂


Goes well with this, doesn’t it? 🙂


That’s another birthday gift from long, long ago.

I also got this video, except with different music. Unfortunately, Facebook won’t let me embed its videos elsewhere. Oh, well.

This takes me back in time to a bygone birthday, at which time I saw this music video, except that it had photos of England.

And I couldn’t stop watching it. Not just because of the music, but also because I wanted to go there! And then I did! Which was so awesome!

So, now I want to see the whole world.

Finally, here’s another really awesome birthday gift from Paul Downie! Thanks, Paul! 🙂

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