This week’s recommended reading is THE PROMISE by Robert Crais. My review is posted below.

Hi! Today I’m reviewing THE PROMISE by Robert Crais. If you enjoy hard-boiled mysteries, you’re gonna love this book.

But the thing you’re really going to love is if you’re a Robert Crais fan, this brings together so many characters from his other books. That’s why I suggest if you’re gonna read this and you’ve never read Robert Crais, you should read at least one or two of the Elvis Cole and Joe Pike books. And his book SUSPECT, which introduces the character Scott James and his dog Maggie, before you read this one. Because this story brings everybody together in a totally complex, totally suspenseful, and interesting story that I just loved.

Robert Crais is in my opinion one of the finest hard-boiled mystery writers and private eye writers today, and I just love his work. I read everything he writes, and I highly recommend this book. Thanks! Talk to you later.

PS: We already have our copy of THE WANTED and I can’t wait to read that one! 🙂

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