Hi, today. I’m reviewing Wrong Place Wrong Time by Gillian McAllister. Boy, this was a great book. I loved this book practically from the opening. I mean, it was just so gripping. This woman, basically what happens is that her son stabs somebody, and they end up going to the police station and all that. Then she’s freaking out, but she wakes up the next morning and it’s the day before this crime that she perceived happened. And the book just, the story keeps going back farther and farther in time.

Every time she wakes up, there’s some new things she needs to learn to figure out what’s going on. Things are not as they seem <laugh> to put it in a sentence. She continues to go back farther and farther in time. So there’s a lot of suspense around why she has to do this as well as how far back is she going to go, what can fix her situation.

And the resolution is just brilliant. I mean, the story is just brilliant. That’s all I’ll say. It’s just a great time travel kind of story in which she goes backwards and has to solve a mystery. What a wonderful take on the old “Memento” theme. The time shifting theme too. It’s just fantastically done. It’s just great. So I’m not sure there’s much more to add without spoiling things.

Imagine waking up, you find out your son has killed somebody or stabbed somebody, and the next day (except it’s the day before) you’re trying to think, how am I going to prevent this? And you’re trying to figure this out, and you’re going back farther and farther in time and you’re with the protagonist the whole time. That’s the thing. You know what she knows. So it’s like you’re right there with her and it’s just so good. So I highly recommend Wrong Place Wrong Time. Gillian McAllister. Great stuff. Thank you. Five stars, and I’ll talk to you later.

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