Hi! Today I’m reviewing With a Mind to Kill, Anthony Horowitz‘s James Bond novel. And I gotta say it was excellent reading. I enjoyed it very much. Kept me guessing the whole time.


I kept thinking of The Spy Who Came in from the Cold and wondering, you know, was he being like totally set up here? It was just, it was really, really good. And I haven’t read very many James Bond novels. I did read Casino Royale, I believe. And I think that’s it. I feel kind of bad about that in a way, because I love the movies so much, especially the older movies <laugh> with Sean Connery. Yeah. I know. I’m an old person. What can I say?

But yeah, I mean, good reading and definitely suspenseful and kind of mind-blowing in a way. That somebody is really just taking, you know, this franchise is just going and going. Isn’t it? <Laugh> That’s a good thing though, right? And we’re kind of back to the Cold War, aren’t we? I mean, John le Carré, people were really judging him a bit because you know, he hadn’t gotten past the Cold War. Well, looks like what’s old is new again. Right? Talk to you later.

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