Hi, today I’m reviewing Who Killed Jerusalem?. Now, this is a good-sized book, but I got to tell you, this is a great read.

I’ll just read what the cover says. “A rollicking literary murder mystery based on William Blake’s characters and ideas updated to 1970s San Francisco.” Okay, well that is quite the description, and I have to tell you, I’m not a lit major, so I don’t know a thing about Blake, but I do know that he was a poet or something. That’s how much I know about William Blake. Well, I guess you learn a little bit more from this book. There are bits and pieces. I was looking up William Blake and recognized some names, and I will just say that this is a very, very funny mystery and I love the protagonist whose name is Ded, spelled D-E-D, but I think there’s a joke in there somewhere.

Okay, well, he’s just a very interesting person who looks at things in a very interesting way. It’s very philosophical, but the thing is, despite all the philosophy or maybe because of it, there’s so much humor in it. I mean, these characters that he deals with are so outrageous that they’re just great fun to read about. I mean, this is just a really, really good book in that sense. I mean, it’s nonstop fun and guesswork and if you’re into guessing whodunnit, that sort of thing, good luck. I guess. Actually, I didn’t think it was all that hard, but really though, the reasoning though at the very end is very much the, “everybody called into the drawing room to talk about what happened and who done it,” but it takes place on a plane of all places.

Okay, that’s all I’ll say. That’s all I’ll say except to say that Ghostflea is just hysterical. Of all the characters, Ghostflea is the one that sticks with me most. His driving skills or lack thereof. You’ll see what I mean if you read the book. It’s a great, great read. Period. That’s all I have to say. Read this book. It’s awesome. Alright, take care and I’ll talk to you later.

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