Hi, today I’m reviewing Treachery Times Two by Robert McCaw. I like Robert McCaw’s writing for his delightfully detailed and just eye-opening descriptions of Hawaii. I mean, I feel practically like I’m there when I’m reading his books, but I like this one because the topic seems very, very timely and one of great importance.

The main character, Koa? Yeah, Koa Kane. He gets involved in a case in which somebody has been murdered, somebody who it appears has been a traitor to the country and it gets into some real interesting political dynamics with Hawaii and the US and just all this stuff. Anyway, so that part’s interesting.

I mean, here, okay, here’s an alleged traitor who has been killed and Koa’s checking into this and there’s a lot of intrigue with that. At the same time, this person shows up who is the, I believe it’s the grandson of a man that Koa had murdered, and you find out about Koa, how Koa had murdered this guy, why he did.

But apparently this grandson has all these connections and is trying to find out the truth. Yeah, see, Koa set it up to make it look like it was suicide. That’s all I’ll say. [As a side note, believe me when I say, I’m not revealing spoilers!]

I thought the story worked very well. Combining the two things. I always admire when an author can take two storylines and get them to kind of join at the end. So in any case, that’s all I’ll say about that. If you enjoy books about Hawaii and if you enjoy spies and intrigue and that sort of thing, try this book. It’s good. Take care and I’ll talk to you later.

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