Hi. Again, I continue to try to center myself. I keep doing this because dystonia. Anyway, I’m doing another book review. This was one for The Ocean Above Me, and I was really hooked from the very first page, kind of almost. It’s about a journalist who is embedded with a shrimping crew and the captain is a black woman who has served in the military and takes no shit from anybody, but is just a likable character also for all sorts of reasons. And I don’t think I’m spoiling anything much. Consider the title, The Ocean Above Me. See, what happens is the boat goes down. They are so desperate to make a catch that they’re out there in terrible weather and the boat goes down and this man, this journalist gets trapped in a place you don’t want to get trapped in, let’s put it that way.

So it’s, yeah, a bad situation. And I think the thing that I loved about this book was the various MacGyver type maneuvers this guy was going through to get himself out of this situation, if it was, would be at all possible. I mean, you really see a lot going on with this character in between the flashbacks to the time before the wreck, which are all interesting, and the time when he is trapped in this place and trying to figure out what to do.

So having said that, there is a lot of introspection in this book too, and that was the part I had the hardest time getting through, to be honest. But it does really put you in the position of a person who is seeing his life flash before him and thinking maybe I should have done a few things differently. So I think it’s really actually quite an excellent book for that reason. And even if it is tough reading sometimes, because there’s a message in there for you really. At the end of the day, how are you going to feel about the way you’ve lived your life? That’s it, I think. And I will go ahead and give this one five stars for that reason.

It gives you something to think about and it’s very suspenseful. I mean, I found myself holding my breath as I read the descriptions of what he was doing there in that boat, under the ocean, with the ocean above him. Oh, the author’s name is Kevin Sites. Nice job, Kevin. And I will talk to you later. Thanks.

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