Hi! Today, I’m reviewing The Night We Burned. S. F. Cosa is the author. And I really, really enjoyed this story. It was gripping to say the least, to use that overused word. But really it was.

Basically, it’s about this cult. And I really don’t wanna say too much because to say more is to say too much. You start off in the point of view of a person. And it’s interesting how I kind of picked up on some clues that kind of suggested a few things. I’m not gonna say anything more than that. That’s all.

There’s a lot of playing with your expectations in this book, and I love that, and it works really well and I kept thinking, wow, wouldn’t it be interesting to try to make this a movie? Um, I wonder if one could. That’s all I’ll say. Anyway, well done! And five stars. Thank you. Talk to you later.

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