Hi, today I’m reviewing The Murder Wheel. I really enjoyed this book a lot. Yeah, it’s ostensibly a locked-room mystery, but it involves magicians, so there will be trickery. And it is about, the protagonist is somebody who I can really relate to because he’s a lawyer, a lawyer, trying to defend a client who’s been accused of murdering her husband on a Ferris Wheel of all places.


And he is looking at all these different witnesses and gets involved in inquiring at this theater. And the next thing you know there’s a murder at the theater. Involving magic. Yeah, he’s interested in magic also, I should say. He’s interested in magicians and magic. And magic is what’s involved in this and magic tricks. And so there are two locked-room mysteries kind of going on. And I don’t want to say too much about this book except to say that, boy, that ending comes at you with lots of information.

Yeah, that’s about it. But it’s fun to read. I have to tell you. It is fun to read. And I liked Ibbs so much. Poor Edmund Ibbs, who ends up in the frame, so to speak. And it’s interesting that there are little callbacks in here to hardboiled mystery really in a sense, because you got, nevermind, I don’t want to talk about that.

But there’s definitely, there’s a puzzle-like aspect to all this, and certain pieces are left out and some people might cry unfair, but not me, because I’m not a person who tries to solve things. I just go for the ride most of the time. And if I happen to think of a solution, that’s cool.

But anyway, I enjoyed the book for what it’s worth. And so if you enjoy locked-room mysteries where maybe the clues come at you all at the end and you go, oh, you never said that before. Nevermind. If you don’t mind that, then you’re going to enjoy this book. Okay. Okay, great. Thank you. Talk to you later.

Yes, I’ll give my highest rating. Because it really is a fun read.

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