Hi! Today, I’m reviewing The Last Party. Can you see the whole title there? The Last Party by Cassidy Lucas. Uh, wow. <laugh>, I’m tempted to just stop there. Just, wow.

This really is one of those books where I found myself wondering if it would make a good movie or limited series, possibly. I just thought it was fascinating. And it’s told from different points of view. It’s all about this one woman who is turning 50 and, well, there are … these people are brought together because of tragedy they’ve all shared. Not a tragedy. I’m sorry, what is the right word? One of life’s horrible little curveballs. Let’s put it that way. One of life’s very difficult curveballs, something I know an awful lot about.

So I could really, really understand and relate with these people at a certain level. All of them, even though some of them were just nasty. But really, I just, I don’t know what else to say except wow. That’s how that book affected me. <laugh> And it’s an engaging read and you’ll want to know what happens next. It’s a page-turner, so yeah, I highly recommend it. Thanks! Talk to you later.

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PS: Happy Friday the 13th! 🙂

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