Hi, today I’m reviewing The Last Devil to Die by Richard Osman. Yeah, I read this with my Kindle app, not my Kindle. My Kindle died. So I read this as an ebook, so I don’t have a cover to show you, but I really loved this book.

I knew that it was part of the series, but I could really sense that this was kind of like a big moment in the series. That’s the kind of book this is, and I like the ensemble in this group. In this book. They were just fun and clever and you can easily picture them making a television show out of this series, and I’m sure it has been or tried or it’s been done. I don’t know.

One way or the other, that’s the kind of book it is. A nice ensemble, a little bit of humor, a lot of humor, and just characters who interact with each other in amusing and engaging ways while solving a mystery and they’re older characters also. That’s another thing that factors into this. So there’s this whole feeling throughout the book and at the end of this whole thing, very philosophical, death, aging, when is it time to let go, all that kind of stuff.

So it’s a really good book. I enjoyed it and it made me curious about the rest of the series because I haven’t read any of the other books, any of them. So now it’s like, I feel like it would be really great to go back and try the first one and fill in that whole blank backstory that others know about possibly. I mean, I have so many books to read these days, but it would be cool to do that. That’s how much I like the book.

So Thursday Murder Club Mystery there. The Last Devil to Die by Richard Osman. Did I have that name right? Richard Osman? Yes, I did. Hey. Okay then. Doing well despite the fact that I can barely sputter out this review apparently. And there, let’s see if I can sit up straight. My physical therapist would be so proud. Maybe. Alright, take care. Talk to you later.


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