Hi. I am going to remain upright through this entire review if it kills me.


I’m reviewing today The Excitements by C.J. Wray. Isn’t that a great cover? She said again. This is the third take, by the way. I’m still upright. There we go.

Yes, it’s a really good book. It’s about two women in their nineties who were World War II veterans who, one was with the FANY (Fanny?) and the other was with the WRNS (Wrens). I don’t remember what those initials stand for anymore, but they are initials for something military-ish and official secrets-ish, stuff like that.

So it’s exciting stuff these women did, or maybe not so exciting, or it could be exciting. There is exciting stuff, believe me. Okay, I’m rambling now. But yeah, Josephine and Penny are the protagonists here. They have this wonderful nephew who just hovers over them, because they’re in their nineties and he keeps looking at them as so frail. But they’re such strong women. Very strong women, I got to tell you. So they’re fun to read about.

It’s a wonderful story and I highly recommend it. It’s good to see 90-year-old protagonists out there kicking ass and taking names, especially female protagonists. I think I’m still upright. Good. Keep it there, Debbi. That’s right. Sit straight. Alright, that’s all then, and I will talk to you later.

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