Hi! Today, I’m reviewing The Darkest Glare by Chip Jacobs. And I thought this was pretty interesting.

I don’t read a lot of true crime, but when I do, I find I’m usually very engaged in stories where I understand something about the people involved. And I think that’s probably the way generally it works with true crime. I don’t read a lot of it, like I said, but, I’m always amazed at the way writers can make a true story read like a novel almost. And this is one of those books.

It’s about, basically, the rise and fall of this company founded by two guys who get involved with a third really wrong guy. And the consequences are pretty devastating. And it is a well told story.

So, I do highly recommend this book. And it’s The Darkest Glare by Chip Jacobs. And with that, I’ll just say, talk to you later.

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