Hi everyone. Today I’m reviewing Sometimes People Die and yes, sometimes people do die, especially in hospitals where this book takes place and what’s going on here is there’s a rash of killings, of deaths, I should say.


There is a rash of deaths at the hospital and it’s looking like there’s a serial killer in the hospital using the circumstances to make it look like these people were not murdered, but they were in fact murdered. The protagonist is a particularly dry wit. I will give him that. I mean, I just love this man’s wit. It’s fantastic. The chaos as he describes it in the hospital is unspeakable and you hope that this isn’t real or that it’s an exaggeration, but some places are probably like this and it’s a little bit unsettling to think about. But knowing something about the limits of modern medicine myself, I can fully appreciate this doctor’s frustration.

And his humor is fabulous. The setting is chaotic. He’s a person whose license is under a cloud as a physician because of his own problems. He’s an opioid or a morphine addict for a while, and there’s all of that to deal with. He has all these personal problems to deal with and his addictions, especially his not having a full license to practice, wanting to get it back. There’s this whole series of things he goes through that just propel you through the book in a way that are just like … and meanwhile there are murders.

And then his friend, well, I won’t say anything more about his friend. His friend is awesome. And it really, there’s a whole range of emotions that this book will take you through. So if you’re looking for kind of a wild ride with a great dry wit sense of humor, and it’s Scottish, I might add, it’s wonderful.

Read this book, really just excellent. I loved it. And so with that, I’ll just say read the book. And if you check out my notes here in the YouTube video (and blog), I do include a link to where you can get a free copy of my own short story, a Sam McRae short story. That’s it then. And thank you for watching, and I’ll talk to you later.

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