Hi, everyone. I’m reviewing Sell Shock by Andrew Allan.

And this is a fun, action-packed read. It’s quite obvious this guy is a screenwriter cause he knows how to bring you in and out of a scene seamlessly and and make you want to read more. That’s the secret of screenwriting right there. Get into the scene, get out, and have the reader wanting to know what happens next. That’s exactly what happens with this particular book.

So I recommend this book for everybody. Anybody who likes screenwriting, certainly. And for all readers who like action-packed, fast-moving stories. I don’t think I can say much more than that. I think that kind of sums it up.

So get to know Andrew Allan’s series here. It’s the Walt Asher Short Thriller Series. So pretty cool, huh? And I did include affiliate links below where you can buy it. So please check that out. Talk to you later.

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