Hi everyone. Today I’m reviewing Secret Lives. This is one by Mark de Castrique. Mark De Castrique, I think that’s pronounced. Anyway. I love that cover, don’t you? <laugh>? Isn’t that nice? Yeah. I really love this book. It has an older woman in it who runs this, she owns a house where all these federal agents in various agencies live. Specifically, the two agencies that get highlighted here are the FBI and the Secret Service, and there’s something going on here and everybody has secrets in this thing, but the main character, I think her name was Ethel? I want to say Ethel. Oh, I feel so stupid. Yes, it’s Ethel. Her name is Ethel and she’s absolutely amazing and it’s wonderful to see an older woman protagonist doing the stuff that this woman does in this book. It’s just a fantastic read. So highly suspenseful. I won’t tell you the details because to say anything much more.

Well, okay, I will say that one of the people living there is her I believe it was her second cousin, twice removed? Something like that. He makes a nice counterpoint. Together they kind of work to solve the mystery, so to speak, get to the bottom of things. And really, it’s just a fantastic read, and that’s all I’ll say about it. They have a wonderful relationship. I think anybody who likes crime and suspense would love this book. And who likes spy thrillers, also would love this book. Definitely has that spy thing going for it. So five stars and I loved it. Secret Lives by Mark de Castrique. Thanks, and I’ll talk to you later.

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