Hi! Today, I’m reviewing Pesticide by Kim Hays. And I have to tell you that I was particularly interested in this because I used to work as an attorney with EPA, with their pesticides and toxics division of the office of general counsel. So pesticides are of interest to me.

And I just thought it was really fascinating from that aspect alone. But, I guess what really drew me in, well, along with the fact it takes place in Switzerland, a totally different country with different regulations and so on. And so all of that was interesting to me, plus the fact that the characters were so cool. This Giuliana Linder. I like that character a lot. She was great. And also Renzo Donatelli. This is a Linder and Donatelli mystery. I thought he made a nice contrast to her.

Yes, he was a little on the naive side, <laugh> but I was okay with that. That was kind of, kind of cool actually, because then Linder gets to be kind of the mentor, if you will. So I like that <laugh>. Anyway, this is a really good mystery and I enjoyed reading it and the characters are what really drew me in, along with all that other stuff that related to things that I knew. But if you don’t know it, it really gives you an interesting introduction to the whole organic farming thing, matters related to marijuana legalization. There’s all sorts of stuff that this touches on.

So yes, highly recommended! Read it. It’s good. Take care. And I’ll talk to later!

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