Hi! Today, I’m reviewing Old Sins Never Die, Daniella Burnett‘s latest Emmeline Kirby/Gregory Longdon mystery.

I gotta tell ya. This series is getting really, really interesting. Emmeline and Gregory are now married. I was like, whoa, this is going to be interesting in itself. Because if you follow the series, and even if you don’t, I’ll just tell you that Gregory is a reformed (maybe) jewel thief, and Emmeline is a journalist and a very stubborn one and very persistent. And this is set in England or it’s set in the UK, I should say, because they end up going to Scotland, too. But, the twists and turns in this one get very interesting. MI-5, of course, is as usual involved, because there’s a character who is recurring who’s with MI-5 and there are all sorts of secrets involved there, of course, but the action picks up substantially toward the end.

And well, I just don’t want to say too much because then there’ll be spoilers and you don’t want spoilers. Really you should just read this. It’s fun. The romantic relationship and so forth between Emmeline and Gregory are great. All the backstory in terms of characters, you can understand what’s going on without having to read the rest of the series, but I would encourage you to read other books in the series, because for me, a lot of it is the “getting there”. The getting there. But, you can certainly pick this one up and enjoy it.

Oh, and the book ends in a way that just makes you go, “Okay. I got to read the next one now.”

So five stars. What can I say? Way to go. That’s it and I’ll talk to you later.

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